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Authorized Reseller for all of the IceWarp and MDaemon Technologies line

As a MDaemon Technologies Reseller we deliver, install and setup the full line of Mail Solutions.

MDaemon Technologies Solutions

MDaemon Technologies is a manufacturer of Reliable Email Server, IM, Groupware, Webmail and Mobile Device Management (MDM) in one download. Designed for SMBs with on premises or virtualized deployments.

As a Icewarp Reseller we deliver, install and setup the full line of collaboration platform.

Icewarp Solutions

Icewarp is a manufacturer of Complete e-mail server, collaboration and cloud storage solution. Secure emails, scheduling, real-time collaboration, cloud storage and document editing, Microsoft Outlook integration, desktop tools including a personal desktop email client and an alternative office suite. On your server or in our cloud with your choice of data centers.

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